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Lenox Preschool | Welcome Letter
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Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Thank you for your interest in having your child attend our preschool. We are excited about our EEC licensed program and how it serves the needs of our youngest learners.


We offer a mixed age 3-5 year old preschool program. Each day we will offer enrichment activities to enhance our curriculum such as creative music and dance, singing, percussion, language arts, yoga, gymnastics, storytelling and rhyme time, cooking and baking, gardening and library field trips.


Our preschool is located on the lower level of the Church on the Hill Chapel building at 55 Main Street, Lenox. Our preschool consists of a big, bright classroom, a rainy day room for indoor play, a large kitchen for cooking, baking and snack time preparation, and a wide open outdoor play space adjacent to Lilac Park and more!


We believe in having a green footprint and offer organic snacks and a natural, child sized nurturing environment. Our classrooms support learning in a safe, simple and structured way.


In our preschool you will find beautiful wooden toys and learning stations to explore; a play kitchen, nursery, and dress up area for dramatic play; blocks, train tracks and sand tables for building and constructive play, art easels, watercolors, paints, crayons and clay tables for artistic play, play silks and water table for sensory play, and big open spaces for dancing, music and movement, yoga, gym time and physical play.


Our language rich curriculum focuses on the whole child and emphasizes songs, games, stories, crafts and activities that support the many ways in which children learn. Outdoor time focuses on observing the natural world and playing in nature. Children’s learning is documented through a portfolio process where they create a visual representation of their school year through their art work, stories, documented conversations and photographs.


We look forward to meeting you and your child and creating an amazing preschool experience where we can all grow together.


Courtney Gilardi, Christine Zdon, Kaleigh Clevenger and the team of specialists at Lenox Preschool Little Explorers.