april, 2024

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Lenox Preschool | About
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What We Believe In

MISSION: To value each child and his or her innate ability to create, learn and build meaningful relationships with others. We encourage attention to the details beauty and possibilities in the natural world. We honor all living things, our connection to seasons, and the daily rhythms of life.
VISION: Lenox Preschool strives to offer a warm, family oriented, homelike environment for early education and family programming. We are a natural, holistic, open and affirming safe haven for children, teachers and families to enjoy their journey of learning, development and discovery.
We inspire exploration.

Lenox Preschool is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and inspiring the love of learning. Our integrated, best practice curriculum is designed to foster curiosity, investigation and discovery. Our classrooms, teachers, specialists and materials encourage children to explore, experience, communicate, problem solve, imagine, discover, and dive deeper into the mystery and beauty of the world around them.

We love what we do.

At Lenox Preschool, we love what we do and we are passionate about our preschool! We believe that a small, community based program with loving, nurturing educators enhance the work that you do as your child’s first teacher. Lenox Preschool recognizes the central importance of family and we are honored to be chosen as your child’s first school. We honor the unique needs of the individual child and support them in their own growth, learning and development.

We focus on your child.

Our teachers pay attention to children’s interests and develop themes or projects through which the children can expand their knowledge and skills in various areas. Children are able to reach a deeper understanding of a subject when they can make connections across several disciplines. From open ended toys to open ended questions, our teachers educate by providing creative, child emergent curriculum that promotes intellectual learning, social and emotional growth and large and small motor skill development.

We recognize early schooling is a formative force in your child's development.

Children’s early learning experiences set the course for success in school and life. High-quality, language rich, play-based programs benefit everyone: children, families and communities. Children who attend Lenox Preschool love learning and are prepared to enter kindergarten with the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

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