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Lenox Preschool | Preschool Program
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Preschool | Ages 3-5 Years Old



At Lenox Preschool the child’s inherent desire to learn is acknowledged and facilitated by our teachers. Critical thinking is enhanced and developed through a variety of curriculum that address personal, social and emotional development.


Our teachers document the children’s growth, learning and understanding, and share it with you through portfolios of their work. Our educational program is holistic. Early literacy, science, art, math, fine and gross motor skill development are integrated into all daily activities.


We encompass an integrated, child centered curriculum based around the responsive, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia classroom models. Montessori and other methodologies are woven in to create a best practice model preschool; one that supports the student, the student body and the synergy of the whole school. With our integrated curriculum we use the eight ways a child may learn about themselves and their world.

Eight Ways to Learn


Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, developed the theory of multiple intelligences. We believe that children learn in many different ways and have developed a curriculum that encompasses the eight ways a child may learn about themselves and their world.

12 Fun Facts, All About Us!


1. Your child’s learning is documented through a portfolio process, where language, photos and examples of their work are captured and send home in weekly newsletters. Your child’s play and discoveries are shared with you, so you always know what they are learning, singing, saying and doing.

See a sample day


Get an idea of what our little explorers do each day in the classroom.

What to pack


Wondering what to pack your child for school? Check out our easy check list.