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Lenox Preschool | Fun Facts
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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Lenox Preschool

1. Your child’s learning is documented through a portfolio process, where language, photos and examples of their work are captured and send home in weekly newsletters. Your child’s play and discoveries are shared with you, so you always know what they are learning, singing, saying and doing.


2. Experimentation and learning go hand in hand. Our weekly science activity ranges from growing our own plants, watching a butterfly hatch, to making our own volcanoes. We repeat the experiment many times and in many ways to see what will happen. Learning happens from repeating the project in new and different ways.


3. We dance! Be it New Orleans Jazz, classical ballet, Opera, marching, lullabies or chant, we expose our children to a variety of music and match the music to the mood and the activity.


4. Baking and cooking happen every Thursday. Avocado rolls, Banana smoothies, Chocolate chip cookies, Date nut bread and more. Lenox Preschool Little Explorers eat their way through the alphabet, and learn math, science and practical life skills, too! Delicious!

5. Speaking of snack, we provide and share organic snack daily. Lights are dimmed, candles lit, the children’s blessing is said before we enjoy a variety of healthy foods for our morning snack.


6. Environmental learning happens in every moment. Our snack helper counts the cups and plates, our recyclers sorts lids for the art collection, our line leader takes attendance before we go in from recess. Every moment is an opportunity for learning!

7. The green hour is our favorite. Children go outside daily and enjoy unstructured time to explore, build in nature, dig, run, race, jump, take garden walks and more. Our children play in the lilacs, construct fairy houses, build snowmen, hold ball games, tea parties with their friends, the fresh air and their imagination.


8. Play, play, play. The dramatic play room offers endless opportunities for imaginative and creative play. Come to think of it, so does the block and train area, the water table, the library, the puzzle corner…


9. Children are nurtured and valued for who they are and teachers work with them at their level to support their learning- exactly where they are meant to be.


10. Immersion learning is the best kind of learning. Teachers allow ample time for creative projects so children can immerse themselves completely in the experience of art, science, language and play. If a project evolves, the teachers take their cues from the the children and allow space for exploration and discovery.


11. Child lead learning means children study what they are interested in. Each child is able to design their own perfect preschool week. They choose a theme and discuss what they want to learn, and the teachers build the unit around the child’s choice. We are always learning something new and wonderful!


12. Integration. Rest and reflection is an important part of a busy day. We take out our rest blankets, find a cozy corner, perhaps under the silk canopy or in the mushroom house, cuddle up with a lovey and rest. At the end of the day, we recall what we accomplished and share what we enjoyed most.


and 13. Our people. Lenox Preschool was founded by mothers for their children. We are passionate about giving our children the best foundation and best preschool education possible. Our teachers are loving, nurturing, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals. Our amazing families, volunteers, council members, teachers and community coming together to create this vision makes it all possible.