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Lenox Preschool | Testimonials
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Parent Testimonials

My daughter was in camp with you last year. She still talks about it all the time... When she wants to describe something she loves, she'll say, 'it's as great as Messy Art Camp!'.
Thank you for such a wonderful year of preschool for my child. He has truly grown in ways I could not have foreseen and it is largely because of the magical experience he’s had at Lenox Preschool.
Thank you for all the ways you have nurtured and supported our child (and us!) since day one!
The school was exactly what we were wanting our daughter’s experience to be and you’ve far exceeded our expectations. Thank you!
What a fun, creative, nurturing and silly year for our child! Lenox Preschool is truly special! We feel so blessed to have found such a warm, caring, educational environment!
Lenox Preschool is truly a manifestation of your loving, compassionate, nurturing spirit. We’re so lucky to have spent the year with you and all the wonderful teachers and families!
Each summer we look forward to sending the kids to Little Explorers! All three of them have been and it is by far their favorite thing to do during the summer.
Lenox Preschool has been a nurturing and supportive environment for our daughter. We have seen her develop both intellectually and emotionally. The teachers and staff and outstanding and very well respected by the students and parents.
I don’t even know where to start about the best part of my child’s preschool experience! The cooking? The art? Science projects? Theme weeks? Field trips? Specialist teachers? It was all beyond expectations!
We love the program! From the minute we walked in the door we felt safe and welcome and that this was the right preschool for us. It has been a wonderful year- the diversity of the curriculum, the other families, the social aspects, the attention to emotional development and the kindergarten readiness aspect were all reasons why we choose Lenox Preschool.
Playful and productive, warm and firm, the best balance of everything!
We love the preschool and are highly satisfied. We would recommend the program to any family who was looking for a creative, exploratory, child based curriculum classroom.
My son needs lots of physical activities and the teachers were great at making sure they did movement cards each morning and did something physical between each sitting activity. He loved the parachute, the dinosaur feet and the bouncy balls and the ride on bike. It was great to read in the newsletter how the physical activities and gross motor skills were linked back into the curriculum so the kids were learning with their whole bodies.
I was nervous because she has never been with anyone but me (and her dad) and she is shy and separating has been hard. The teachers always made her (and I!) feel welcome and at ease. It helped her to gain confidence in herself. Now she asks to go to school on weekends!
I have seen my child thrive at Lenox Preschool. She never came home singing the songs or sharing any details of her day. Now she tells me about her friends and what they cooked and what they played and the song they learned. I can see the change in her- she is so much happier here and we made the right choice to enroll her with you.
Love, love, love. We LOVE Lenox Preschool! Thank you for all you have done for our family. It has been a great year!