june, 2024

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Lenox Preschool | Admissions
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Welcome Letter

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Thank you for your interest in having your child attend our preschool. We are excited about our EEC licensed program and how it serves the needs of our youngest learners.


We offer a mixed age 3-5 year old preschool program. Each day we will offer enrichment activities to enhance our curriculum such as creative music and dance, singing, percussion, language arts, yoga, gymnastics, storytelling and rhyme time, cooking and baking, gardening and library field trips.


We believe in having a green footprint and offer organic snacks and a natural, child sized nurturing environment. Our classrooms support learning in a safe, simple and structured way.


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School Visit


There is no better way to experience our classroom than to schedule a school visit and trial day for your child. During your visit to our school you will meet the teachers and discover more about the program in person at a time that suits you. ​


Another way to visit is to attend one of our open house dates during the year. We recommend that you begin to tour or attend events before you are interested in having your student enroll. This ensures you have the best understanding of Lenox Preschool and what is has to offer you and your family.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school - Albert Einstein