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Lenox Preschool | Summer Camps – 2017
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Summer Camps 2017 | Ages 3-7 years old

Camp week #1

Dino Roar!
June 26th – June 29th

Prehistoric paleontologists will have a roaring good time as they tackle our dinosaur obstacle course, find fossils in a dynamite dino dig, hatch dino eggs and make their own dinosaur themed arts and crafts!

Camp week #2

Amazing & Messy Art
July 3rd, 5th – 7th *
Monday, Wednesday – Friday.

From collage to coconut bowling, bubble wrap stomp prints to acrylic dance painting, this week is all about exploring our own creativity and inner artist through exploring different mediums, mess, sensory experiences and tons of fun through art! Our week culminates in an art show for family and friends.

Camp week #3

Fairytale Adventure
July 10th – July 13th

An enchanted week filled with dress up, fantastical creatures and fairytale adventures! We will make our own dragons, griffins and sphinxes, not to mention unicorns and mermaids! Magical pixie dust paintings and pirate treasure hunts await!

Camp week #4

Shout Out! Sing Out! Shake Out!
July 11th – July 14th

From harmoniums to pandemonium, this week is all about discovering the joy of music and movement!  Join us as we drum, dance, and didgeridoo our way around the world, writing songs and constructing our own instruments as we go! This week cultivates in a concert for family and friends.

Camp week #5

It’s a Buddhaful Day!
July 17th – July 20th

Little yogis discover their limitless potential through fun yoga postures, playfulness, mindfulness and meditation. With Zen art, essential oils and a little mandala magic, we will learn techniques for confidence building, relaxation and being our best selves through these outrageously fun heart centered practices!

Camp week #6

Wild & Magical Science Summer Sampler
July 31st – August 3rd

The best that summer in the Berkshires has to offer! Science and nature crafts abound as we create our own solar art and ovens, design shimmering rainbow science art and spend time exploring, discovering and doing fun and fascinating projects outside under the lilacs!  Plenty of s’mores, water play and fizzy lifting rockets included!