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Lenox Preschool | Summer Camps – 2016
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Summer Camps 2016 | Ages 3-7 years old

Camp week #1

Outer Space Escapade
June 20th – June 23rd
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3 … 2 … 1 … blastoff! Campers will have the time of their lives as they blast rockets, tackle our Astronaut Training obstacle course, and use their cosmic creativity to make unbelievable space artwork!  Design your own rocket ship, investigate space mysteries, and discover cover how astronauts eat, sleep and shower in space. Learn about earth and space science, as well as the wonderful potential of science to inspire art—and art to empower science!

Camp week #2

Earth day, Everyday
June 27th – June 30th
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Come ready to dig in the dirt as we embark upon a glorious week of garden centered projects and earth friendly arts and crafts. There will be nature walks, seed planting, and bug spotting as we don magnifying  glasses among the lilac bushes and flower beds. We’ll make birdseed feeders, attract butterflies, make solar art and draw inspiration from the wonder and beauty of nature as we make and partake in projects that make our planet a better place.

Camp week #3

I am an Artist (Messy Art Week!)
July 5th – July 8th
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Back by popular demand!  Explore the many different ways of making art and experience how much fun can be had creating our own unique mixed media masterpieces. From collage to clay sculpture, this week is all about exploring our own creativity and inner artist. With stories, pictures and big imaginations, we will paint pictures, create awesome self portraits, print make, pound and pinch clay, and craft creative, imaginative and innovative objets d’ art. Be prepared to get messy and have fun as we make beautiful art together while learning about color, texture, shape and form. This class will introduce our young artists to an exciting variety of sensory experiences. Our week culminates in an art show for family and friends.

Camp week #4

Shout Out! Sing Out! Shake Out!
July 11th – July 14th
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From harmoniums to pandemonium, this week is all about discovering the joy of music and movement!  Join us as we drum, dance, and didgeridoo our way around the world, exploring  songs, music and movement that we make ourselves!  We’ll play with ukelele’s and pan pipes, boom wackers and vibe drums and meet a few Tanglewood fellows along the way! Children will lead and participate in creative music experiences that will help cultivate a love of sound and song and let them delight in the rhythms around them.  This week cultivates in a concert for family and friends.

Camp week #5

Fizzy Lifting Science
July 18th – July 21st

How do you inflate a balloon without blowing air into it? Freeze water instantly in the middle of summer?  Create a material that is both a liquid and a solid at the same time? Easy! Science of course! This week our little scientists will create their own fabulous fizzy lifting experiments- from erupting volcanoes to oozy Oobleck.  Kids will observe and experiment, make predictions, share discoveries, ask questions, and discover how some pretty cool science works.

Camp week #6

Undersea Adventure
July 25th – July 28th

Dive under the ocean, swim with the mermaids and make friends with beluga whales, penguins and dolphins. Join us as we make edible aquariums, organic octopuses and seaweed creations. Craft traditional hanging Japanese koi fish, paint seascape murals and hand print crustaceans. Bring your bathing suit as we enjoy plenty of water and sprinkler play, color mixing in the water table and a pirate themed treasure hunt as we celebrate, sing and explore the life aquatic.