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Lenox Preschool | Summer Camps – 2015
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Summer Camps 2015 | Ages 3-7 years old

Camp week #1

Where the Wild Things Are
June 29th – July 2nd

Unleash your child’s inner monster and let the wild rumpus begin! Guided mischief of one kind or another will be featured as we sail through each day exploring nature, taming wild critters, performing magic tricks, playing games and making art inspired by Max, King of the Beasts.  When the walls become the world around, together we will create a jungle, set sail for adventure and ultimately learn the true meaning of friendship.  We’ll eat you up we love you so! Dreamers and imaginative kids need apply!

Camp week #2

Amazing Animals
July 6th – July 9th

Lions and tigers and penguins? Oh my! Join our safari as we search, craft and create our own amazing real and mythical animals. We dive beneath the ocean to explore our finned friends and soar high in the sky with our feathered ones. This week we immerse ourselves in animal adventures of the four legged, two legged and no legged variety! Be sure to bring your favorite stuffed friend as we prepare to meet some very special furry, scaly and hairy animal friends!

Camp week #3

Under Construction
July 13th – July 16th

Can we build it? Yes we can! This week our Little Engineers solve problems, design and build things that work. Come prepared to assemble, craft, and create awesome buildings, towers, castles, flying machines, bridges, structures and more.  With life sized Lincoln Logs we will build our own log cabin, make masterpieces with magnets and renovate with recyclables.  We’ll have fantastic fun constructing, demolishing and engineering (and eating!) one of a kind building and edible art.  Straws and connectors, tinker toys, classic wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, Duplo and bristle blocks compliment our sand and dough structures and other architectural works of genius. Be it in the sand box or in the classroom, we will have fun becoming architects of our imagination.

Camp week #4

Beautiful Oops!
(Messy Art Week!)
July 20th – July 23rd

Back by popular demand!  Explore the many different ways of making art and experience how much fun can be had creating our own unique mixed media masterpieces. From collage to clay sculpture, this week is all about exploring our own creativity and inner artist. With stories, pictures and big imaginations, we will paint pictures, create awesome self portraits, print make, pound and pinch clay, and craft creative, imaginative and innovative objets d’ art. Be prepared to get messy and have fun as we make beautiful art together. This class will introduce our young artists to an exciting variety of sensory experiences. Let your child have adventurous, messy fun while learning about color, texture, shape, and form. The week culminates in an art show for family and friends.

Camp week #5

Classic Campout
June 27th – July 30th

Do you love to make forts, tents and tee-pees?  Catch fireflies and observe the constellations in the night sky?  This week we celebrate all things summer- leaf rubbings, daisy chains, bug collecting, bird watching, nature walks and good old fashioned summer fun. We’ll run through the sprinklers, make our own popsicles and roast marshmallows while having arts and crafts experiences that will help cultivate kids love and respect for the great outdoors and their delight in the natural world.  This week culminates in a special family BBQ lunch, watermelon and ice cream social.

Camp week #6

Up, Up & Away
Aug 3rd – Aug 6th

How do you inflate a balloon without blowing air into it? Make an egg bounce? Create a material that is both a liquid and a solid at the same time? Easy! Science of course! This week, our little scientists will create their own fabulous fizzy lifting experiments- from erupting volcanoes to exploding rockets, kids will  observe and experiment, make predictions, share discoveries, ask questions, and discover how some pretty cool science works.