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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | October 13th-15th, 2015
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17 Oct Newsletter | October 13th-15th, 2015

We started the short week with a walk to the Lenox Library!  We were treated to several books including “Pouch” by David Ezra Stein and “Dog Loves Counting” by Louise Yates.  Tuesday was also our Letter of the Week day.  This week’s letter was D.  The children helped make a list of 23 words that start with D.  They practiced following directions and worked on strengthening their fine motor and cutting skills by putting dragonflies on D.


Wednesday was our cooking day.  We made Pumpkin muffins made with only three ingredients: Pumpkin pie filling, Vanilla Cake Mix and Cinnamon. They were a huge hit! Miss Rebecca came to read stories and brought Stanley (the dog) and another special guest – her mom! We were honored to have “Nana” visit us!

While science is all around us all the time, we made a special effort to bring more pumpkin science into the classroom this week.  We compared the big and small pumpkins in our classroom by weighing them (11.5 and 4.5 lbs.)  Everyone used yarn to guess how big around the large pumpkin is.  Juliana guessed correctly at 34”.  You can see everyone’s guess on the bulletin board!  Next week we will continue our pumpkin exploration by investigating the inside of the pumpkin!


Stories in the classroom this week included the new books “Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie” by Jill Esbaum and “Pumpkin Countdown” by Jean Holub. The book orders are in.  We received more than one dozen books for the classroom, including several with cd’s to use in our new listening center (it should be arriving soon!)  Thank you to all who placed orders!  Order forms will be sent home soon for the November order.


This week the aftercare friends helped make our pumpkin patch bulletin board.  They painted the background and helped put up the letters.  They also enjoyed going on an alphabet pumpkin hunt.  Thursdays after care friends were great helpers with clearing the room (the church used the space for their Harvest Dinner) and were able to have an obstacle course in the empty classroom.  They worked hard and played hard!

Next week we will begin working on decorations for the Berkshire Museum’s Festival of Trees.  This year’s theme is “Westward Ho Ho Ho!”

Quotes of the Week:


Audrey – “These kids are getting heavy!”
“I’m making glasses for my heart because my heart is you.  My heart has glasses!”
Kane – “I ate my whole lunch, even my noodles and raisins!”
William – “We made this bread with flower and raisins in our new bread machine!”
Cooper – “You want to sit next to me for circle time?” (to Kane)
Hadley – “Everyone’s 4, okay?”
Elise – “Miss Chris, can you send this recipe to my mom?”
Hadley – “Guess what!  I made a lawn mower all by myself!”
Elise – “I can’t believe I’m staying for aftercare!”
Luci – “This is the best aftercare ever!”
William – “9-1-0-1, Hey police, we need you.  A robber stole the missing wipe board!”
Asher – “This is a clue from where the robber stole the missing wipe board.”


At the closing circle on Thursday we asked the children to tell me something that was good about their day:


Hadley – “Cutting the string to see whose was longer.”
Nila – “Playing inside.”
Cooper – “How long the strings are.”
Rebecca – “Having fun outside.”
Elizabeth – “It was fun having a fun day!”
Eliza – “I like being inside.”