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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | November 16-19, 2015
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21 Nov Newsletter | November 16-19, 2015

This was certainly busy week filled with discussion about what we are thankful for and the precious gifts we have. Perhaps the most entertaining conversations were those about how to cook a turkey! Miss Courtney was in all week for Miss Kaleigh (who will be back on Monday!)

The children have all decided that the class should take a field trip to the Bahamas (if only!!!). We are hoping to plan a unit around this idea for after the winter break. It will be a fun way to make the cold winter more tolerable!

This Monday we were thankful to have Miss Lesley join us for center-based activities. We made cornucopias and shape turkeys. Miss Lesley read the story, Goldilicious.

On Tuesday, we read The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush and put ice cream on I. Running races to the big tree in the park was an exciting way to spend our time outside and enjoy the sunshine!

On Wednesday, we were thankful for a visit from Miss Rebecca and Stanley. The children took turns picking the stories. There’s a Wocket in My Pocket and Thanksgiving Mice were some of the choices. We were thankful for such beautiful weather and the opportunity to go outside. We explored how many ways we could get around the yard. We walked, ran, skipped, tiptoed, flew like an airplane (to the Bahamas!) and “drove” around the yard (to the hotel!).

We are so pleased and proud to see so many friends earning bucket fillers in the classroom! We are thankful for all their hard work! Cooper shared a wonderful book with us called Bucket Filling from A to Z by Carol McCloud and Caryn Butzke.

On Thursday, we were thankful for help from Miss Tiffany, Miss Stephanie, and Miss Alba while we made orange cranberry bread to be donated to the Baking Angels with the Pittsfield Food Pantry. Our story was Over the River and Through the Woods: A Turkey’s Tale by Derek Anderson. The weather kept us in but we had a great time with the obstacle course and movement songs! Ask your children to demonstrate the banana song!

If you haven’t signed up for Tuesday’s Thanksgiving feast, please be sure to do so on Monday! We are expecting about 50 friends to join us for lunch at noon.

Scholastic book orders have been sent home. Please check your parent pocket if you did not receive yours. All orders are due by December 2nd.

The Lenox Preschool teachers are thankful for the gift of teaching your children and grateful for all you do for the school! Thank you for sharing your most precious gifts with us!

What do we know about turkeys?

(In order of how they answered)

Kane – “They gobble and we eat them.”

Asher – “They waddle.”

Ainsley – “They have beaks.”

Cassidy – “They waddle.”

William – “They gobble.”

Race – “You eat them.”

Elizabeth – “They have yellow feet. They come from Boston.”

William – “They give us turkey.”

Elizabeth – “They live in the animal barn.”

William – “They live in the forest.”

Race – “In Boston in the woods.”

Where do turkeys live?


Audrey – “Maybe outside.”

Luci – “In a barn.”

Rebecca – “In the grass pile.”

Nila – “In the woods.”

Vera – “In a leaf pile.”


Quotes of the Week:


William – “I’ve learned a lot.”

Kane – “On Thanksgiving you eat turkey, mac and cheese, and broccoli.”

William – “This is going to be a scary turkey.”

Luci – “There’s going to be a lot more Mondays, William.”

Rebecca – “Asher doesn’t wear pull-ups. Asher wears panties to school.”

Kane – “Miss Courtney, this fish and cheese soup is for you! I put pepper on it!”

Race – “I’m grateful for Miss Kaleigh.”

Rebecca – “Ooh! We forgot to hold hands, Miss Chris!”

William – “Hey Miss Chris, Me and Kane don’t have a single thing to tell you.”

Audrey – “I kind of liked him. He was kind of cute (a frog.)

Race – “We’re having a nice day.”

Asher – “Miss Courtney, I measured these and they’re the same size.”

Asher – “You cook some dinners. I’ll cook some dinners, too.”

Hadley – “When I wasn’t born, Mama and Daddy went to the Bahamas to get a Christmas fish. That’s true!”

Hadley – “I like your necklace. It’s way pretty (to Luci.)

Kane – “It’s okay if we have a little tea party, but is it okay if it’s not in Spanish?”

Nila – “One day my Grandma had a hot dog and I ate it all.”

Eliza – “I have peanut butter and jelly!”