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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | March 7-10, 2016
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13 Mar Newsletter | March 7-10, 2016

This was certainly a week fit for a prince or princess! This week was Audrey’s choice week and she wanted to learn about Princesses and Queens. It was a royal week filled with fairy tale stories and plenty of outside play thanks to the early beautiful weather!

We started the week talking about the Queen of England, where she lives and how we have a president instead of a queen or king. The children made crowns and pink princess play dough. The math graph had the children choosing whether they would want to be a prince, princess, or knight.

Tuesday was our Letter-of-the-Week day. We made Q’s into queens. Music and movement with Jeanne Bassis followed outside play. There was a lot of singing, moving, and grooving!

Wednesday was our Prince/Princess Ball! There were plenty of sparkly dresses and crowns! The children made princess wands and knight shields. Miss Rebecca came to read stories and the day ended by using boxes to build a castle in the classroom.

Thursday’s story was “The Princess and the Pizza” by Mary Jane and Herm Auch. It was our cooking day and the children made their own pizzas. They enjoyed being able to shape the dough and put on their own toppings. This week’s kindergarten readiness friends learned about the Pledge of Allegience.

Quotes of the Week:

Elizabeth – “I love shamrocks. They’re my favorite vegetable.”
Race – “My bones need to take a rest.”
Cassidy – “Take some blue and put it on the yellow.”
Kane – “Then take some yellow and put it on the blue.”
Rebecca – “That was my Priscilla.”
Audrey – “He is having a drama.”
Kane – “I’m not afraid to crack a egg. My mom says I’m the best egg cracker in the world.”
Elizabeth – “Hey, Miss Chris! I buttoned this all by myself! If you were my age I wish you would put this on all by yourself.”
Eliza – “It’s going to be the best pizza ever!”
Hadley – “This (pizza) is gooder than I thought it would be.”
William – “A republic is a bathroom that is public.”
Kane – “Justice means to be nice.”