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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter |March 28-31, 2016
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03 Apr Newsletter |March 28-31, 2016

Instead of March going out like a lion, it went out hopping! We had so much fun this week learning about bunnies!

We started the week making a list of what we know about bunnies. Did you know that jackrabbits can jump fifteen feet in a single leap? This week’s Math Monday activity was to count how many hops it would take each child and teacher to go fifteen feet! We also played a counting and number recognition game called Carrot Crunch. We also played a new game called the Bunny Tail Trail – a counting, hopping, alphabet game. Jeanne Schnackenberg came to do music with us!

On Tuesday, we were so lucky to have Eliza’s mom, Kristine join us for the morning! Tuesday was our Letter-of-the-Week day. We had so much fun talking about the letter T! We read “What is a Triangle” and made a list of 36 words that start with T! We put ten triangles on T and then taught Eliza’s mom the Tootie Ta song! Tuesday was also our science day. Be sure to check the progress of the carrot tops we planted in sand!

Wednesday was another day filled with special guests! Miss Courtney came in and she and Bob Gardner talked to the children about the HeifferProject. He read two stories about how important animals are to families all over the world. Miss Rebecca and Stanley also came on Wednesday. While she read stories the children also did a bunny craft with Miss Chris and painted with Miss Kaleigh. Be sure to check out the new bulletin boards to see all their hard work! Wednesday was a great day for outside play both during the morning session and during aftercare!

Thursday was the last day for two of our Miss Hall’s girls. The children all signed cards for Miss Stephanie and Miss Alba – we will miss them! Miss Tiffany will continue to join us on Thursday mornings. Thursday was our cooking day. We made Loaded Carrot Cake Dip and it was a big hit! The children helped shred carrots and add the ingredients. After snack we walked to the Lenox Library for their STEAM program where we explored ramps! Miss Jennie read two stories – “Roller Coaster” by Marla Frazee and “Role, Slope, and Slide – A Book About Ramps” by Michael Dahl. The children got to play with and build their own ramps and used cars, marbles, and balls to test them! After walking back from the library there was time for outside play. We were all so excited to celebrate Asher’s birthday at lunch and very happy to have his mom join us! This week’s kindergarten readiness class was all about numbers! We used numbers to move around the circle. We practiced identifying numbers on the calendar and writing them!

Our stories for this week included:

“Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!” by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas
“Hopper” by Marcus Pfister
“Hopper Hunts for Spring” by Marcus Pfister
“Bear and Bunny” by Daniel Pinkwater
“The Wonderful Habbits of Rabbits” by Douglas Florian
“What is a Triangle” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
“The Story of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter

Quotes of the Week:

Kane – “That’s some real good exercise.”
Noah – “That made me super tired.”
Kane – “I wish for the first bite of sour pickle comes back again and I could eat that pickle all day.”
Audrey – “I wish for spending time with my whole family.”
Nila – “I wish for having a real bunny, and a real cat, and having peace of God.”
Kane – “I wish I could go to the moon.”
Cassidy – “I wish I could go to the Berkshire Hills pool forever!”
Noah – “I wish for doing a puzzle here.”
William – “I’ve been making pizza all day!”
Nila – “This is a soothing song.”
Hadley – “It’s like fireworks in my mouth!”
William – “How about two thumbs up Kane?”
Elise – “Asher, this is something that is different about you. When I see you at your house you look tiny, but when I see you at school you look big!”