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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | January 4-7, 2016
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10 Jan Newsletter | January 4-7, 2016

We were so happy to welcome all of our friends back to preschool! Everyone seemed to get back into the routine easily and excitedly. We are also pleased to welcome Noah to our preschool family! He is attending on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We spent time this week reviewing the rules of the classroom and getting reacquainted with the centers. We also talked about how to take care of the classroom and the things in it.

On Monday we got reacquainted with the classroom and learned about the New Year. We decorated the number 2016. We also talked about what a resolution is and asked the children to share their own resolutions. Table activities included water colors and using snowflakes to make the letter S for snow. We asked the children about their favorite parts of winter break was and used their answers to create a math graph. You’ll see that playing in the snow, staying home from school, and staying up late made the top of their charts! Monday’s cold weather kept us inside, so we enjoyed a “snowstorm” with cotton balls on the parachute!

At the end of the morning on Monday we asked the children what their favorite part of the morning was:

Luci – “Playing with the parachute.”
Race – “Making things.”
William – “Everything.”
Kane – “Our project.”
Eliza – “Playing with the parachute.”
Audrey – “I liked coloring and doing the parachute.”
Ainsley – “I liked the parachute.”
Nila – “Playing with the parachute.”
Asher – “Everything.”
Elizabeth – “Playing with my lamb.”
Vera – “Reading books.”
Rebecca – “The toys.”
Cassidy – “Everything.”

On Tuesday we crafted our January calendars. The children also made new naming items. With the cold weather keeping us in again, we all enjoyed an obstacle course around the room and the Button Factory song!

On Wednesday we welcomed Miss Rebecca to join us for stories! The children all helped make new “Frozen” play dough for the classroom. We also celebrated Luci’s 5th birthday!

Thursday was extra busy with a walking field trip to the Lenox Library. We heard stories about building and then had the chance to use large blocks to build our own structures and decorate a cardboard “house”. We were excited to celebrate Juliana’s 4th birthday and welcomed her mom who spent the morning with us. We ended the day with the children adding cotton “snow” to our naming tree to reflect the season.

The week ended with a fun movie night on Friday! It was so much fun to spend time with our friends eating pizza and having snacks while watching Tinkerbell and The Nether Beast. What a great way to start a weekend. Thank you to all who participated!

Our stories this week included:

The Mitten by Jan Brett
Hello Snow by Hope Vestergaard
Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner

Quotes for the week:

Race – “I went sledding with my penguin sled!”
William – “You did it, Asher! That was a big challenge!”
Hadley – “This is fun! We should do this more!”
William – “I did something not very fun. I vacuumed the downstairs.” (When asked what he did on New Year’s Eve)
Hadley – “I did mine beautifully.” (Her name)
Kane – “ I’m a big fan of pizza.”