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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | February 29-March 3, 2016
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05 Mar Newsletter | February 29-March 3, 2016

What a wonderful, fun-derful week we had!
Celebrating Dr. Seuss made us all feel quite glad!
His stories are silly and so fun to read!
With books, games, and snacks we helped plant a seed
Of how learning is fun, as fun as can be!
Our students are blooming, it’s quite clear to see!

We started the week with a math graph to go with the Dr. Seuss story, “What Pet Should I Get?” The dog was the preferred pet in class! We played an alphabet game to get ready for snack. Miss Courtney was in to do calendar craft with the children. All the rainbows and pots of gold put us in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day! We all enjoyed our first music class with Jeanne Schnackenberg. Her musical instruments, songs, and light machine were all a big hit with everyone! The aftercare friends painted the Dr. Seuss hat that is on our bulletin board.

On Tuesday, Asher wanted to compare the number of pages in Dr. Seuss’s books “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubans” (45) and “The Lorax” (61) We read “The Lorax” and talked about how what happens in the story is similar to what happens in the rain forests (when the trees are cut down, habitats are eliminated.) We used Things 1-12 to send the children to wash for snack. We were able to split into groups during our work time. While one group worked on a craft project at the table, the other group played a game matching words to the object that they rhymed with. We were able to spend time playing outside in the sunshine!

Wednesday was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and we celebrated by having a Silly Sock Day! We read “Fox in Socks” and did a craft designing new socks for Fox! We had a “clothesline” in the classroom to match and hang pairs of socks. Miss Rebecca came to read stories. We played a patterning game to make Dr. Seuss hats at the circle and then made hats to wear. In celebration of Read Across America week the children had homework to draw their favorite book. If your child has not yet brought their homework in, it’s not too late! We are still accepting them. We have enjoyed learning what some friends’ favorite stories are! The day ended with a color game using fish (1 fish, 2 fish, [color] fish, [color] fish.)

We ended our school week with a food art and science day! The children stacked bananas and strawberries in a pattern on Nilla Wafers to make Dr. Seuss hats. With Miss Tiffany and Miss Alba in the classroom we were able to break into small groups to do a painting craft, play a “Green Eggs and Ham” counting game, and make Oobleck (cornstarch and water.) The children were able to see how the Oobleck stayed a solid as long as it was in motion and became a liquid when it was still. We read the story “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” which talked about the four perfect things that fell from the sky (rain, snow, fog, and sun.) We used the parachute to create a “snowstorm” in the classroom. We also taught the “Tootie Ta” song to Miss Tiffany and Miss Alba. We read Dr. Seuss’s “My Many Colored Days” and talked about how the colors represented different feelings and what activities might be part of different colored days.

Thursday’s Kindergarten Readiness friends explored many different ways to make their names. They used salt, sequins, popsicle sticks, alphabet cards. Then they used worksheets to practice writing.

Remember that Scholastic Book orders are due Wednesday, March 8th in order for the books to be received in time for the Easter holiday.

“What is your favorite Dr. Seuss story?”

Asher – “The Lorax.”
Cassidy – “Green Eggs and Ham”
Noah – “Fox in Socks”
Eliza – “The Lorax”
Juliana – “Green Eggs and Ham”
Elizabeth – “Green Eggs and Ham”
William – “The Lorax”
Race – “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back”
Vera – “The Lorax”
Cooper – “Bartholomew and The Oobleck”
Luci – “The Lorax”
Elise – “The Lorax”

Quotes of the Week:

William – “Next summer me and Dad and Grampy are going on a road trip to Lake Classic.”
Race – “I love this project!”
Vera – “This is killing me! (while playing Twister)
Luci – “I worked out yesterday and now my legs hurt.”
Audrey – “Tugger got out the door and jumped on the roof. He’s an old man. He shouldn’t be doing that.”
William – “Super heroes don’t have breakfast.”
Juliana – “Guess what!” Paw Patrol is my favorite!”
Rebecca – “I just had a baby fever.”
“We’re playing knights and mommies and daddies and babies.
Elise – “Ooh! That’s Oobleck!”
Elizabeth – “I do really not want Oobleck on my hands!”
Cassidy – “That’s going to be quite big.”