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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter | February 1-4, 2016
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07 Feb Newsletter | February 1-4, 2016

We began the first week of the new month talking about Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. It was a very busy week with many crafts, songs, and stories to help us learn about these special days.

Miss Courtney was in on Monday to make February calendars with the children. They also began working on Valentine mailboxes. We were lucky to have mild weather that allowed us to go outside. The children seemed excited to find colored rice in the sensory table.

On Tuesday we learned that the famous groundhog did not see his shadow, and that he predicted an early spring. Coach Jane came and brought with her Inky (her real dog) and “Mean Dog” (her puppet). Coach Jane talked to the children about how each child is special and how mean words are hurtful. She used animal puppets to express how each animal was different and invited the children to say something special about the puppet they held. Coach Jane also invited the children to stand on the “proud box” and say something that they are good at. She encouraged the children to repeat only nice words. She used a game of Musical Chairs to encourage the children to make sure that no one is left out. As chairs were taken away the children had to figure out how to find a space for everyone! The aftercare friends have enjoyed sensory play with shaving cream. On Tuesday, we used shaving cream and food coloring to make marbleized paper.

Miss Rebecca and Stanley came on Wednesday to read stories. Miss Rebecca gave the children the opportunity to vote on what stories she read. Miss Kaleigh worked with the children on a portfolio project and special Valentine’s projects.

We were happy to have Miss Tiffany, Miss Alba, and Miss Stephanie from Miss Hall’s School in to help us on Thursday. We talked about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and who the current president is and where he lives. The children made either George Washington or Abe Lincoln masks. We showed them pictures of the presidents and money with their images on it. The children made red, white, and blue yogurt parfaits for snack. With the yard being so muddy, we took the children for a walk to the post office instead of playing in the yard.

The Scholastic book orders have arrived. Each child received a free book from Scholastic. The classroom received a set of four books with cd’s for the listening center (all folktales) and a beautiful new puzzle. Thank you to all who ordered!

Please be sure that your child has snow pants and boots at school each day. Even without snow in the yard, the ground is still wet and slippery in spots.

The children will exchange Valentines on Wednesday and Thursday (2/10 and 2/11). We will enjoy special snacks on Thursday. Please look at our posted sign-up sheet to see what we still need for our special Valentine’s Day celebration on Thursday.

Just a reminder that Lenox Preschool will be closed for Winter Break February 15-18. We will reopen on Monday, February 22nd.

Our stories for the week included:

“Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather” by Bruce Koscielniak
“Love, Splat” by Rob Scotton
“Abe Lincoln’s Hat” by Martha Brenner
“If You’ll Be My Valentine” by Cynthia Rylant
“Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book” By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
“The Full Moon at the Napping House” by Audrey Wood and Don Wood

Quotes of the Week:

Vera – “We’re pretending it’s a choo choo.” (While playing on the bus)
Race – “Hey, Miss Chris, I can hum the whole song!”
Kane – “A little orange juice on her head!” (While playing in the dramatic play area)
Kane – “I know what’s better than cookies. It’s cake!”
Hadley – “I did a great thing yesterday. When kids didn’t have any toys I gave them some toys.”
Vera – “Hey, look! I have a baby pretzel!”
Hadley – “I’m like pepperoni and sauce.”
Hadley – “Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.”
Cassidy – “My daddy says that elephants are the most dangerous animals.”
Luci – “We have ten people in our circle today.” (While leading “circle” at play time.)
Eliza – “I have a Minnie shirt. I actually have a Mickey shirt. I have a Minnie shirt and a Mickey shirt.”
Noah – “My house is super far away.”
Kane – “It’s like so warm out!”
Miss Kaleigh – “Who did we talk about today?”
Nila – “George Lincoln!”

With Coach Jane (while standing on the proud box):

Asher – “I’m Asher and I like to play soccer.”
Nila – “I’m Nila and I like to sing.”
Elise – “I’m Elise and I’m good at cartwheels.”
Hadley – “I’m really good at doing dog stuff.”
Ainsley – “My name is Ainsley and I like Skye.”
Vera – “My name is Vera and I’m good at playing games.”
Audrey – “My name is Audrey and I am good at ballet.”
Luci – “I’m Luci and I’m good at ballet.”
Eliza – “Ballet.”