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Lenox Preschool | Newsletter |April 4-7, 2016
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10 Apr Newsletter |April 4-7, 2016

Just when we thought it was spring, Mother Nature decided that winter wasn’t finished with us! The week started off with a snowstorm and the children were excited to finally have snow!
This week we learned that tomatoes can come in many different colors!

Miss Courtney was in on Monday to do calendar craft with the children. They all enjoyed using forks to paint flowers! The theme for the week was tomatoes and flowers. There was time after lunch for playing in the snow.

Coach Jane came on Tuesday with her puppet dog, “Mean Dog,” and her real dog, Inky. She played listening games with the children and talked to them about taking care of their things and each other. Each child was given a marshmallow and had to find a place for it to be safe until it was time to eat it. The sensory bin was a big hit this week with black bean “soil”, artificial flowers, and planting tools!

On Wednesday Jeanne Schnackenberg came to spend time with us. She needs to log hours for a college course and we are always happy to have her in the classroom! Wednesday was a great day to play outside!!! We explored different ways to slide on the snow. We tried using a cardboard box, a plastic storage container, and a plastic lid. The children built snowmen and used carrots for the noses and raisins (which we dried in the window from grapes) for the eyes. Miss Rebecca and Stanley came to read stories with us. During her story time, the children were able to work in small groups doing an art project. They used bottles to paint pictures of cherry blossoms!

On Thursday we had our three helpers from Miss Hall’s School as well as Jeanne S. in for the morning. There was just enough time before the rain to be outside for playing and planting. The children were able to plant vegetables to grow in the classroom. They were asked how long they thought it would take for lettuce and tomatoes to grow from these seeds. Here is what they all answered:

Kane – 99
Cooper – 60
JJ – 29
Race – 30
Elise – 51
Asher – 31
Nila – 33
Elizabeth – 1
Noah – 2
William – 60
Rebecca – 10
Vera – 35
Cassidy – 12
Luci – 33
Hadley – 27
Eliza – 28
Juliana – 1

Congratulations to our three friends who have become big siblings! Juliana’s family welcomed baby Matthew in March. Ainsley is now a big sister to baby Jack. And, Asher is now a big brother to his new baby sister!

This week’s kindergarten readiness was all about learning to write lower case letters a thru j! First the children practiced on wipe-off boards, then on worksheets. They all did a great job!

Our stories for this week included:

“The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle
“The Surprise Garden” by Zoe Hall
“Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants” by Bonnie Worth
“The Victory Garden Vegetable Alphabet Book” by Jerry Pallotta
“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin, Jr and John Archambault